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The fol­lo­wing Terms and Con­di­tions are set out here in a gene­ral and pre­ven­ti­ve way. They will in any case be re-pro­po­sed (and must be accep­ted each time) for each sin­gle pur­cha­se or access by users to the ser­vi­ces pur­cha­sed and may chan­ge even without notice. 

All the con­ten­ts of this site and the pro­po­sed acti­vi­ties and even­ts are sub­ject to Copy­right and Copy­right accor­ding to Swiss laws.

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The pur­cha­se must be made by cre­dit card (or, whe­re per­mit­ted, by bank trans­fer or pay­ment slip).

If you acti­va­te the “Save card” option (when avai­la­ble) for a pay­ment, the rela­ted data is saved on Stri­pe’s ser­vers (Stri­pe is used by mil­lions of shops around the world to pro­cess cre­dit card pay­men­ts, it is a of the safe­st plat­forms in the world). Stri­pe encryp­ts your card details and makes them secu­re so that it is not pos­si­ble for anyo­ne to see or use them. Your data is the­re­fo­re never saved on the Koko­ro Swiss web­si­te and no one can access it except your­self. Indeed … not even you can access. You can dele­te or re-enter them but you can­not see the data you have alrea­dy entered.

If you deci­de to dele­te that data for some rea­son, in the “Account” — “Account / login” — “Pay­ment methods” sec­tion, you will find a link to dele­te your card. Plea­se note that your card details are not visi­ble, as they are pro­tec­ted on Stri­pe’s servers.

The pur­cha­se of ser­vi­ces is not inclu­ded in the sub­scrip­tion, except for futu­re deve­lo­p­men­ts or spe­cial needs. For this rea­son, each ser­vi­ce can (and must, bar­ring futu­re deve­lo­p­men­ts) be pur­cha­sed indi­vi­dual­ly. For the same rea­son, the pur­cha­se of any num­ber of ser­vi­ces does not give the right to pur­cha­se other ser­vi­ces and does not imply on the part of Koko­ro Swiss the pro­vi­sion of other ser­vi­ces in addi­tion to tho­se pur­cha­sed by the user. 

The ser­vi­ces pur­cha­sed (usa­ble accor­ding to the methods and con­di­tions signed at the time of pur­cha­se), unless other­wi­se indi­ca­ted, can only be used by the per­son who pur­cha­ses them. Any public sha­ring of pur­cha­sed links, mate­rials or docu­men­ta­tion, as well as dupli­ca­tion, copy­ing or any other dis­se­mi­na­tion without prior writ­ten agree­ment with the author and owner of this site, are expres­sly prohibited.

As for ser­vi­ces that requi­re remo­te access to the use­r’s com­pu­ter, rely­ing on an inter­net con­nec­tion, they requi­re suf­fi­cient band­width and sta­bi­li­ty of the con­nec­tion from the custo­mer. Koko­ro Swiss, for its part, gua­ran­tees the breadth and sta­bi­li­ty of its out­going con­nec­tion. It can­not do the same for that of the custo­mer who the­re­fo­re reco­gni­zes that a con­nec­tion that is too slow, or too limi­ted in terms of band­width, could cau­se the impos­si­bi­li­ty of pro­vi­ding the ser­vi­ce and the­re­fo­re renoun­ces to ask for reim­bur­se­men­ts for any even­tua­li­ty rela­ted to their inter­net con­nec­tion. This aspect is fur­ther defi­ned and regu­la­ted in the con­trac­ts for the sale of the ser­vi­ces that pro­vi­de for them.

The ser­vi­ces can be pur­cha­sed in both Euros and Swiss Francs. The con­ver­sion is gover­ned by the pro­vi­sions of the fol­lo­wing chap­ter: “Euro — Swiss Francs exchan­ge rates”


The reim­bur­se­ment con­di­tions are spe­ci­fied for each type of ser­vi­ce in the respec­ti­ve pur­cha­se con­trac­ts which inte­gra­te the fol­lo­wing. In gene­ral, the fol­lo­wing applies:

The pur­cha­sed time can be used within 180 days from the date of pur­cha­se. After this period, it can no lon­ger be used. The same con­di­tion applies to any remai­ning hours or minu­tes, if not used.

Under no cir­cum­stan­ces can the pur­cha­sed time be refun­ded, except for the fol­lo­wing situations:

- In the event of an unque­stio­na­ble deci­sion by Koko­ro Swiss

- In the case of a pur­cha­se without prior agree­men­ts, in case of una­vai­la­bi­li­ty by Koko­ro Swiss to pro­vi­de the ser­vi­ce within 60 days of the request

- In case the ser­vi­ce has been agreed at a spe­ci­fic date and time and for rea­sons of for­ce majeu­re Koko­ro Swiss can­not pro­vi­de the ser­vi­ce at that time and it is not pos­si­ble to agree with the custo­mer on an alter­na­ti­ve time.

For tech­ni­cal and tran­sac­tion cost rea­sons, no refunds will be made by cre­di­ting the card used for the purchase

The methods of any refund are exclu­si­ve­ly by bank trans­fer that will be arran­ged by Koko­ro Swiss to the custo­me­r’s bank details. In any case, an amount equal to 5% of the amount to be reim­bur­sed will be retai­ned by Koko­ro Swiss as a con­tri­bu­tion to the costs incurred.


If the custo­mer has recei­ved an invoi­ce from Koko­ro Swiss and intends to pay it by cre­dit card, he will be able to take advan­ta­ge of the rela­ti­ve method, gover­ned by the fol­lo­wing conditions:

- The Custo­mer must have alrea­dy recei­ved an invoi­ce or (in the case rela­ting to the Swiss mar­ket) a pay­ment slip.

- If the invoi­ce is in Euro (non-Swiss custo­mers), the custo­mer is requi­red to con­vert the total amount indi­ca­ted in the invoi­ce into Swiss Francs. The con­ver­sion is regu­la­ted accor­ding to what is indi­ca­ted in the fol­lo­wing chap­ter “Euro — Swiss Francs exchan­ge rates”

It will be the custo­me­r’s respon­si­bi­li­ty to indi­ca­te the refe­ren­ce details of the invoi­ce recei­ved in the infor­ma­tion col­lec­ted on the shop­ping cart page. Koko­ro Swiss issues VAT-free invoices.

Euro — Swiss Franc exchan­ge rates

The con­ver­sion takes pla­ce direc­tly on the pay­ment page or on the pro­duct page. The con­di­tions and exchan­ge rates are upda­ted on a dai­ly basis and refer to tho­se pro­vi­ded by inter­na­tio­nal plat­forms. No data is tran­smit­ted to the­se plat­forms from which Koko­ro Swiss mere­ly acqui­res the mul­ti­plier (exchan­ge rate) in for­ce. Small deci­mal dif­fe­ren­ces may be pre­sent but, given that the custo­me­r’s cre­dit card is char­ged in its refe­ren­ce cur­ren­cy (in this case Euro), both par­ties agree that any dif­fe­ren­ces of this cali­ber will be con­si­de­red negli­gi­ble, as they are due to the dif­fe­rent rates con­ver­sion used by both cre­dit card ope­ra­tors and their own ban­king institutions.

Both the Client and Koko­ro Swiss agree that, given the vola­ti­li­ty of the cur­ren­cy mar­ke­ts, any dif­fe­ren­ce bet­ween the exchan­ge rate applied by Koko­ro Swiss and tho­se of the offi­cial pri­ce lists will be con­si­de­red negligible.

If the custo­mer does not car­ry out the cur­ren­cy con­ver­sion from Euro to Swiss Francs, given that the result can cer­tain­ly not be cor­rect, he accep­ts that any fur­ther pay­men­ts to balan­ce the exact amount may be reque­sted. In any case, any refunds may be issued exclu­si­ve­ly at the sole discre­tion of Koko­ro Swiss and the custo­mer imme­dia­te­ly accep­ts that, if the amount char­ged to his card dif­fers from the total invoi­ce by less than 2 CHF, more or less, no reim­bur­se­ment will be due and fur­ther char­ges will be reque­sted by Koko­ro Swiss and / or by the customer.


At the moment no pro­duct is avai­la­ble. Should this con­di­tion chan­ge, the rela­ti­ve terms and con­di­tions of use will be inclu­ded in this document.

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