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This infor­ma­tion rela­tes to the “Koko­ro Swiss” web­si­te, acces­si­ble at https://www.kokoroswiss.com/, who­se con­ten­ts are mana­ged by Fran­ce­sco Ama­to, Via Cesa­rea 19 6855 Sta­bio (CH), which can be con­tac­ted via the address info@kokoroswiss.com .
The com­pu­ter systems and soft­ware pro­ce­du­res used to ope­ra­te this web­si­te acqui­re, during their nor­mal ope­ra­tion, some per­so­nal data who­se tran­smis­sion is impli­cit in the use of Inter­net com­mu­ni­ca­tion protocols.
This is infor­ma­tion that is not col­lec­ted to be asso­cia­ted with iden­ti­fied inte­re­sted par­ties, but which by their very natu­re could, throu­gh pro­ces­sing and asso­cia­tion with data held by third par­ties, allow users to be identified.
This cate­go­ry of data inclu­des the IP addres­ses of the com­pu­ters used by users con­nec­ting to the site, the addres­ses in the Uni­form Resour­ce Iden­ti­fier (URI) nota­tion of the reque­sted resour­ces, the time of the reque­st, the method used to sub­mit the reque­st to the ser­ver, the size of the file obtai­ned in respon­se, the nume­ri­cal code indi­ca­ting the sta­tus of the respon­se given by the ser­ver (suc­cess, error, etc.) and other para­me­ters rela­ting to the ope­ra­ting system and the use­r’s com­pu­ter envi­ron­ment. The data col­lec­ted in this way could be used to ascer­tain respon­si­bi­li­ty in case of any com­pu­ter cri­mes again­st the site.

Sta­ti­sti­cal data
When a per­son visi­ts this web­si­te, a sta­ti­sti­cal access coun­ter auto­ma­ti­cal­ly records infor­ma­tion such as URLs, IP addres­ses, bro­w­ser type, bro­w­ser lan­gua­ge, date and time of reque­st: this is neces­sa­ry to order to gua­ran­tee the safe­ty of visi­tors. The ser­vi­ce is pas­sword pro­tec­ted and the­re­fo­re can not be acces­sed by third par­ties. In this regard, the data are sent to the Hista­ts com­pa­ny (www.histats.com). The data sent are howe­ver ano­ny­mi­zed by the Hista­ts com­pa­ny and can not be tra­ced back to indi­vi­dual users.
In any case you can reque­st not to col­lect any data (opt-out) by visi­ting this link: http://www.histats.com/ optOut.php

Data pro­vi­ded direc­tly by the user
The per­so­nal data pro­vi­ded by the user in an optio­nal way (so, for exam­ple, when reque­sting infor­ma­tion by cal­ling the num­bers indi­ca­ted on the web­si­te or wri­ting to the e‑mail addres­ses the­rein) are used for the sole pur­po­se of giving effect to any requests made and to imple­ment the legal obli­ga­tions and / or pre-con­trac­tual obli­ga­tions and / or con­trac­tual obli­ga­tions ari­sing from the legal rela­tion­ship in the case set up.
In the areas of the site dedi­ca­ted to cer­tain ser­vi­ces, spe­ci­fic infor­ma­tion is pro­vi­ded that the user must view befo­re giving the data.

The per­so­nal data of the users ente­red are kept exclu­si­ve­ly to give rise to user requests, pro­tec­ted by appro­pria­te secu­ri­ty mea­su­res and for the time neces­sa­ry to per­form the ope­ra­tions. Some data are kept for a lon­ger time, howe­ver limi­ted, to cope with any requests for sub­se­quent shi­p­men­ts or resen­ding products.

This site does not use user data for acti­vi­ties other than tho­se stric­tly neces­sa­ry to sati­sfy users’ requests for ser­vi­ces. No pro­fi­ling acti­vi­ty is per­for­med, either for mar­ke­ting pur­po­ses or for any other purpose.

No data is visi­ble to users or the public or to gene­ral or dedi­ca­ted search engines.

Per­so­nal data for pur­cha­se of ser­vi­ces or products
The col­lec­tion of per­so­nal data col­lec­ted from the inte­re­sted par­ties, object of the treat­ment, is essen­tial to sati­sfy the requests of users, visi­tors, custo­mers. The con­fer­ment is the­re­fo­re man­da­to­ry, as it is not pos­si­ble, in case of fai­lu­re to grant con­sent or revo­ca­tion of the same, to give rise to the treat­ment. Any incor­rect or insuf­fi­cient com­mu­ni­ca­tion of the reque­sted data may result in total or par­tial impos­si­bi­li­ty of fol­lo­wing up on the inte­re­sted par­ty’s pur­cha­se requests. In par­ti­cu­lar, the pro­ces­sing of per­so­nal data will be aimed at the pur­cha­se of ser­vi­ces, in favor of users / visi­tors / custo­mers, and rela­ted to the sti­pu­la­tion and exe­cu­tion of the con­tract for the pur­cha­se of ser­vi­ces on this site
In the case of pur­cha­ses of ser­vi­ces or par­ti­ci­pa­tion in acti­vi­ties sub­ject to pay­ment, both in elec­tro­nic and face-to-face for­mat, the data ente­red by the user are kept con­fi­den­tial for the time neces­sa­ry to pro­vi­de the reque­sted ser­vi­ce. This site does not in any way sto­re elec­tro­nic pay­ment data that are pro­ces­sed direc­tly on the Stri­pe site, who­se Pri­va­cy Poli­cy can be con­sul­ted at this link . It fol­lo­ws that no pay­ment data is kno­wn to the owner of the site or is memo­ri­zed or kno­wn by the site itself or by the owner of the site. The com­mu­ni­ca­tion bet­ween the site and the pay­ment gateway takes pla­ce secu­re­ly via SSL pro­to­col throu­gh a secu­ri­ty certificate.

The per­so­nal data of the users ente­red are kept exclu­si­ve­ly to give rise to user requests, pro­tec­ted by sui­ta­ble secu­ri­ty mea­su­res and for the time neces­sa­ry to car­ry out the ope­ra­tions. Some data are kept for a lon­ger time, howe­ver limi­ted, to meet any requests for sub­se­quent uses or registrations.

Rights of the inte­re­sted party
The inte­re­sted par­ty can assert at any time, without for­ma­li­ties, by con­tac­ting the data con­trol­ler, inclu­ding by sen­ding an email to info@kokoroswiss.com, the sta­tu­to­ry rights including:
1. The inte­re­sted par­ty has the right to obtain con­fir­ma­tion of the exi­sten­ce or not of per­so­nal data con­cer­ning him / her, even if not yet regi­ste­red, and their com­mu­ni­ca­tion in intel­li­gi­ble form.
2. The inte­re­sted par­ty has the right to obtain the indi­ca­tion: a) of the ori­gin of the per­so­nal data; b) of the pur­po­ses and methods of the pro­ces­sing; c) of the logic applied in case of treat­ment car­ried out with the aid of elec­tro­nic instru­men­ts; d) of the iden­ti­fy­ing details of the hol­der, of the respon­si­ble and of the desi­gna­ted repre­sen­ta­ti­ve accor­ding to arti­cle 5, para­gra­ph 2; e) of the sub­jec­ts or cate­go­ries of sub­jec­ts to whom the per­so­nal data may be com­mu­ni­ca­ted or who can learn about them as appoin­ted repre­sen­ta­ti­ve in the ter­ri­to­ry of the Sta­te, mana­gers or agents.
3. The inte­re­sted par­ty has the right to obtain: a) upda­ting, rec­ti­fi­ca­tion or, when inte­re­sted, inte­gra­tion of data; b) the can­cel­la­tion, tran­sfor­ma­tion into ano­ny­mous form or bloc­king of data pro­ces­sed unla­w­ful­ly, inclu­ding data who­se reten­tion is unne­ces­sa­ry for the pur­po­ses for which the data were col­lec­ted or sub­se­quen­tly pro­ces­sed; c) the atte­sta­tion that the ope­ra­tions refer­red to in let­ters a) and b) have been brought to the atten­tion, also as regards their con­tent, of tho­se to whom the data have been com­mu­ni­ca­ted or dis­se­mi­na­ted, except in the case whe­re this ful­fill­ment is it pro­ves impos­si­ble or invol­ves a use of means mani­fe­stly dispro­por­tio­na­te to the pro­tec­ted right.
4. The data sub­ject has the right to object, in who­le or in part: a) for legi­ti­ma­te rea­sons, to the pro­ces­sing of per­so­nal data con­cer­ning him / her, even thou­gh they are rele­vant to the pur­po­se of the col­lec­tion; b) to the pro­ces­sing of per­so­nal data con­cer­ning him for the pur­po­se of sen­ding adver­ti­sing or direct sales mate­rial or for car­ry­ing out mar­ket research or com­mer­cial communication.

Com­mu­ni­ca­tion and dissemination
Without pre­ju­di­ce to what is indi­ca­ted in the infor­ma­tion con­tai­ned in the site pages dedi­ca­ted to spe­ci­fic ser­vi­ces, the data will not be dis­se­mi­na­ted, sold or exchan­ged with third par­ties without the express con­sent of the inte­re­sted par­ty, sub­ject to the cases in which com­mu­ni­ca­tion to third par­ties (com­pe­tent autho­ri­ties, con­sul­tan­ts or com­pa­nies pro­vi­ding IT sup­ply and assi­stan­ce ser­vi­ces) is neces­sa­ry to ful­fill legal obli­ga­tions or obli­ga­tions deri­ving from the rela­tion­ship exi­sting with the data sub­ject or to pro­cess spe­ci­fic requests or third par­ties (inclu­ded in one of the cate­go­ries indi­ca­ted ) ope­ra­te as respon­si­ble for privacy.
The inte­re­sted par­ty can reque­st from the Data Con­trol­ler the list of any sub­jec­ts who car­ry out their acti­vi­ties as pri­va­cy managers.

Treat­ment mode
The col­lec­ted data are pro­ces­sed with IT tools and only in a resi­dual way with paper methods. Appro­pria­te secu­ri­ty mea­su­res are obser­ved to pre­vent data loss, illi­cit or incor­rect use and unau­tho­ri­zed access. The data will be pro­ces­sed only by autho­ri­zed par­ties (to whom a spe­cial appoint­ment has been assi­gned to the per­son in char­ge or to the pri­va­cy mana­ger) and kept for the time stric­tly neces­sa­ry to pro­cess the requests of the inte­re­sted par­ty and in com­plian­ce with the law.

Pla­ce of treatment
For the pro­ces­sing of data rela­ted to the ser­vi­ces of the web­si­te, the Owner uses ser­vers loca­ted within the Euro­pean ter­ri­to­ry, spe­ci­fi­cal­ly pro­vi­ded by the com­pa­ny OVH, avai­la­ble at this link: www.ovh.com .

Sin­ce the site relies on a hosting ser­vi­ce in char­ge to a per­son other than the edi­tor of the con­tent of the blog, spe­ci­fi­cal­ly OVH, it is not exclu­ded, for tech­ni­cal rea­sons, that this com­pa­ny may have access to the sto­red files. For the rea­sons explai­ned, visi­tors to this blog are invi­ted to visit and refer also to the poli­cy of the OVH com­pa­ny, which can be rea­ched on the fol­lo­wing page: Legal Documents 

Some data may be acces­si­ble for tech­ni­cal rea­sons of main­te­nan­ce of the web­si­te to the per­son in char­ge of the tech­no­lo­gi­cal part. At the time of wri­ting this infor­ma­tion the sub­ject is Koko­ro Swiss based in Sta­bio (CH) in via Cesa­rea, 19, rea­cha­ble via email info@kokoroswiss.com

Data trans­fer to non-EU countries 

This site may share some of the data col­lec­ted with ser­vi­ces loca­ted outsi­de the Euro­pean Union area. The trans­fer is autho­ri­zed on the basis of spe­ci­fic EU deci­sions for the pro­tec­tion of per­so­nal data, for which no fur­ther con­sent is required.

The­re are various types of coo­kies, some make the use of the site more effec­ti­ve, others ena­ble cer­tain fea­tu­res. By bro­w­sing the site you are con­sen­ting to the use of coo­kies in accor­dan­ce with this Coo­kie Poli­cy. If you do not want to con­sent to the use of coo­kies, you must set your bro­w­ser * appro­pria­te­ly, other­wi­se you will not be able to use the ser­vi­ces ren­de­red by the site www.unoduetre.eu. Disa­bling the coo­kies used by our site could affect the bro­w­sing experience.

Types of Cookies:
  • Tech­ni­cal Coo­kies: also cal­led essen­tial coo­kies allow the pro­per ope­ra­tion of cer­tain sec­tions of the Site. The­se coo­kies, always sent from our domain, are neces­sa­ry to cor­rec­tly view the site in rela­tion to the tech­ni­cal ser­vi­ces offe­red, they will the­re­fo­re always be used and sent, unless the user chan­ges the set­tings in his bro­w­ser *. The­se coo­kies can be of two cate­go­ries ‘ses­sion coo­kies’ and ‘per­si­stent coo­kies’ . The ‘ses­sion coo­kies’ are tem­po­ra­ry coo­kies that remain on the devi­ce until the moment you lea­ve the Site. The ‘per­si­stent coo­kies’ remain on the devi­ce for much lon­ger or until you dele­te them manually.
  • Ana­ly­ti­cal coo­kies: The­se coo­kies are used to col­lect infor­ma­tion on the use of the site. unoduetre.eu will use this infor­ma­tion in respect of ano­ny­mous sta­ti­sti­cal ana­ly­sis in order to impro­ve the use of the Site and to make the con­tent more inte­re­sting and rele­vant to the wishes of users. This type of coo­kies col­lec­ts ano­ny­mous data on the acti­vi­ty of users and how it arri­ved on the site in que­stion. Ana­ly­ti­cal coo­kies are sent from the site itself or from third-par­ty domains.
  • Third-par­ty ser­vi­ces ana­ly­sis coo­kies: The­se coo­kies are used to gather infor­ma­tion on the use of the Site by users in an ano­ny­mous form, such as: pages visi­ted, time spent, ori­gins of the traf­fic of ori­gin, geo­gra­phic ori­gin, age, gen­der and inte­rests for the pur­po­se of mar­ke­ting cam­pai­gns. The­se coo­kies are sent from third-par­ty domains exter­nal to the Site.
  • Coo­kies to inte­gra­te pro­duc­ts and func­tions of third-par­ty soft­ware: This type of coo­kies inte­gra­tes fea­tu­res deve­lo­ped by third par­ties within the pages of the site such as icons and pre­fe­ren­ces expres­sed in social net­works for the sha­ring of site con­tent or for the use of third-par­ty soft­ware ser­vi­ces (such as soft­ware to gene­ra­te maps and addi­tio­nal soft­ware that offer addi­tio­nal ser­vi­ces). The­se coo­kies are sent from third-par­ty domains and from part­ner sites that offer their func­tio­na­li­ty bet­ween the pages of the Website.
  • Pro­fi­ling coo­kies : tho­se coo­kies are neces­sa­ry to crea­te user pro­fi­les in order to send adver­ti­sing mes­sa­ges in line with the pre­fe­ren­ces expres­sed by the user within the pages of the site. This site does not use coo­kies for pro­fi­ling and / or mar­ke­ting pur­po­ses, but only for tech­ni­cal coo­kies that are essen­tial for the ope­ra­tion of the site and its use, the­re­fo­re, accor­ding to cur­rent legi­sla­tion, it is not requi­red to reque­st con­sent for coo­kies tech­ni­cal and ana­ly­tics, as neces­sa­ry to pro­vi­de the requi­red services . 

    Some ele­men­ts of this site, such as the con­tent sha­ring but­tons, refer to the code pro­vi­ded by third par­ties, who may, if neces­sa­ry, use coo­kies for the pur­po­ses rela­ted to the item itself. For the­se the pri­va­cy poli­cy of the­se third par­ties, plea­se refer to the indi­vi­dual rela­ted sites, throu­gh the links at the bot­tom of this page.

    In par­ti­cu­lar, the coo­kies issued by this site are all of the type “Hst *” (ie they begin with “Hst”) and con­cern the sta­ti­sti­cal col­lec­tion of data by the Hista­ts ser­vi­ce, who­se data can only be acces­sed in aggre­ga­te form and ano­ny­mous and the­re­fo­re do not allow any type of pro­fi­ling or access to the navi­ga­tion data of the indi­vi­dual user. The only excep­tion is the coo­kie issued by the infor­ma­tion ban­ner on Pri­va­cy & amp; Coo­kie Poli­cy who­se use allo­ws you not to repeat the same que­stion eve­ry time you log in.
    Most bro­w­sers allow auto­ma­tic down­loa­ding of coo­kies. The user can deac­ti­va­te this set­ting by adju­sting the options offe­red by the navi­ga­tion soft­ware. Plea­se note that some pages or sec­tions of the site may not be navi­ga­ble due to the refu­sal of cookies.
    If the user wishes to disa­ble coo­kies, he can use the appro­pria­te sec­tion of the bro­w­ser in use.

    How to disa­ble coo­kies by con­fi­gu­ring the browser

    Click on the menu in the toolbar
    Select Set­tings and then Show Advan­ced Settings
    Select “Pri­va­cy” and then ” Con­tent settings ”
    Select “Coo­kies” and chan­ge the various rela­ted settings

    For more infor­ma­tion, visit the Chro­me page .

    Mozil­la Firefox 

    Click on the menu in the toolbar
    Select Options and then Privacy
    Click on Show Advan­ced Set­tings and in the Pri­va­cy sec­tion click on Con­tent Settings
    In the ” Trac­king ” sec­tion you can chan­ge the fol­lo­wing coo­kie settings:
    From the ” Histo­ry ” sec­tion you can:
    By ena­bling “Use custom set­tings” select to accept third-par­ty coo­kies and to keep them for a fixed period or to com­ple­te­ly remo­ve cookies

    For more infor­ma­tion visit the Fire­fox page 

    Inter­net Explorer 

    Click Tools and choo­se Inter­net Options & lt;
    Click on the Pri­va­cy tab and in the Set­tings sec­tion chan­ge the sli­der depen­ding on the desi­red action for cookies:

    For more infor­ma­tion visit the dedi­ca­ted page of Explo­rer .

    Safa­ri 6 

    Click on Safa­ri , — Pre­fe­ren­ces — Privacy
    In the Block Coo­kies sec­tion, spe­ci­fy how Safa­ri must accept coo­kies from websites

    For more infor­ma­tion visit the Safa­ri spe­cial page .

    iOS Safa­ri (mobi­le devices)
    Touch Set­tings and then Safa­ri — Block Coo­kies and choo­se from the various options
    To dele­te all coo­kies, touch Set­tings — Safa­ri — Clear coo­kies and data
    For more infor­ma­tion visit the Safa­ri IOS page .


    Click on Pre­fe­ren­ces — Advan­ced — Cookies
    Select one of the avai­la­ble options

    For more infor­ma­tion visit the dedi­ca­ted page of Ope­ra .

    How to disa­ble third par­ty ser­vi­ces cookies
    Goo­gle services 


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