Remote assistance with a contract

If you have a remote assistance deal and you have not activated the software yet, you can download agent (click on “scarica internet agent”) and install it (if you have administrative privileges on your machine). In case of problems please call or whatsapp to +41 75 414 05 19

Remote Assistance Spot

If you don’t have a remote assistance deal you can download the client pressing on buttons (“scarica il cliente per PC”) for PC or (“scarica il cliente per MAC”) for a MAC. After you have done, please ask assistance compiling the form and wait for an operator to contact directly to give all infos and prices. You can also send a whatsapp message to +41 75 414 05 19.

 On Site Assistance

If a tchnician is needed on your site, please fill the form. You will be contacted as soon as possible to define terms and conditions of service