Our hosting offers are based on distributed cloud architecture, installed on the main European connectivity providers. We propose two main offer groups: Personal or Dedicated.

“Personal” offers are mostly suitable to private persons or small businesses who wish to have a reliable and guaranteed presence for their web image, with smaller budgets. This offer is balanced on machines with managed capacity, so that each customer can always be sure of his presence over the network.

“Dedicated” offers are aimed at customers with higher budget, corresponding to the greatest needs. In this group each offer provides dedicated (and therefore not shared) resources, by mean of private CPU and RAM instances, and can accommodate multiple sites and domains within a single user account.

Basically it’s like having your own dedicated server, which allows significant savings if you have multiple domains to be hosted.

Kokoro Swiss also provides a domain registration service available to all customers. For every detail fill up the form below and one of our tech will get back to you asap to answer all of your questions.